A New Take On Timeless Wedding Traditions

You don’t have to veer too far off the beaten path to make your wedding your own. Many couples are sticking to a fairly traditional ceremony but making a few small changes here and there. Here is a new take on some timeless wedding traditions.

A New Take On Timeless Wedding Traditions-Non-Traditional Wedding Pary


Bridal Party Your Way

Instead of having a full bridal party with a maid of honor, best man, and several bridesmaids and groomsmen—many couples are opting to have just one or two of their nearest and dearest stand next to them. Gone are the traditional titles too, as both brides and grooms are choosing BFFs or siblings to stand next to them regardless of their gender. If your sister is your best friend, why not have her as your best man?

A New Take On Timeless Wedding Traditions-Small Intimate Wedding

Small Intimate Weddings

Not all couples want a grand affair, which is both costly and more stress full. More couples are opting for a more intimate group with only their immediate family, or 50 or fewer guests in total. This opens up the door for a much larger list of ceremony locations, including destination weddings—and makes the ceremony easier to plan.

A New Take On Timeless Wedding Traditions

Wedding March Song

There used to be just two options, the Wedding March from a Midsummer Night’s Dream or Canon. However, many couples are choosing instrumental versions of their favorite ballads, classical music, or they play ‘their song’ when walking down the aisle.

A New Take On Timeless Wedding Traditions-No Gifts

No Gifts—Your Presence Is Enough

Many couples are opting for no gifts, not even cash. This is for a variety of reasons:

  • Couples already live together and have what they need
  • It’s easier for destination weddings
  • Couples are marrying later in life
  • Engagements are shorter
  • A growing increase in minimalism
  • And more!

A New Take On Timeless Wedding Traditions-Electronic Invitations

Electronic Wedding Invitations

Gathering email addresses are easier than gathering mailing addresses, and there’s no need to worry about writing the address down incorrectly. While paper invitations are breathtakingly beautiful, they are expensive to have designed, printed, and shipped. Modern electronic invitations are convenient as you can add a bit more detail by linking it to your wedding website. This also makes it easier to share photos and videos after the wedding, and it makes real-time RSVPs easy to gather. At the very least, couples who mail out their invitations still utilize electronic RSVP or provide some sort of digital wedding information.

A New Take On Timeless Wedding Traditions-Color Palette

No Wedding Colors

It has become popular for wedding color palettes to replace the traditional two or three wedding colors. This provides far more flexibility with decorating and makes it easier to avoid the match-matchy commitment to just a handful of colors. Even with a complementary palette of colors, it is easy to maintain elegance.

It’s your special day so feel free to make it your own!

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