Do You Really Need A Professional Wedding Photographer?

We are in a day and age where almost everyone snaps photos on the go and utilizes DIY software, applications, and creative filters to edit their shots to perfection. The end result is often stunning photographs from everyday individuals. This leaves many couples wondering if they still need to hire a professional wedding photographer or if they can save money by hiring a friend with extraordinary photo skills? Here are a few things to consider before you decide.

Professional Wedding Photographer--Phoenix, Arizona

What Is Your End Goal?

While your friend or family member’s Instagram may have a huge following and their photographs have tons of likes and comments, that isn’t the goal of your wedding album. Like anything in life, someone with a specialty skill takes things to a whole new level. A photographer who specializes in weddings will also have a portfolio to show you what their finished work looks like.

Professional Wedding Photographer--Phoenix, Arizona

Professional Editing Is Essential

While your friend’s Instagram images might be breathtaking there is likely a drastic difference between the original shot and the filtered shot. A wedding photographer’s approach to editing is entirely different—and their software can do far more than just crop and filter. Your photos will have a cohesive look and feel and you will look like you.

Professional Wedding Photographer--Phoenix, Arizona

Equipment Matters

Professional photographers invest handsomely in their technology and equipment. This includes cameras, lenses, photo and video drones, editing software, lighting, and more. A professional photographer knows how to take shots that are candid and staged while taking advantage of the natural light—and understands which lens will achieve the goal for each shot. They also know how to photograph you and your guests without disrupting the flow of your ceremony and reception.

Last but not least, a professional wedding photographer understands that you need more than one photographer to get the timeless shots that you will cherish for years to come—and will bring at least one more photographer with to cover more ground and shoot from different angles.

Professional Wedding Photographer--Phoenix, Arizona

Wedding Photography And Videography In Phoenix, Arizona

Nupetal Wedding Videography and Photography invites you to take a look at our online photo and video portfolio. This will give you an idea of our range and how we can showcase you and your loved ones on your special day. If you like what you see we invite you to reach out to discuss your wedding in more detail. We have packages for photos and videos that can be further customized to meet your needs.