Stunning Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Cake

For weddings both large and small, casual and formal couples are exploring alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. Although classic, some couples desire something a bit more creative or personalized. Here are some of your best options.

Individual Cakes

Alternative To Traditional Wedding Cake

Individual cakes are fun as they can be uniform, varying or customized for each table or guest. For example, the bridal party could have their names added to their mini cake or the groom’s immediate family could have their family crest added on. Another advantage to individual cakes is that they can be added to the RSVP menu option allowing your guests to select which flavor they prefer. Think beyond cupcakes to individual cheesecakes, mini tiered cakes, mini tarts, or even mini pies. Individual cakes are also easier to serve as they won’t create a line at the buffet table.

Crepe Cakes

Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Cake - Crepe Cake

Crepe cakes have a look that is vintage yet modern. Have one large crepe tier, or several smaller crepe cakes with different fillings, drizzle, and toppings. If you opt for a crepe tier, make sure the team serving the cake has a strategy in place for cutting and serving. This often involves separating the tiers before they get started.

Macaroon Tower

Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Cake

Bite-sized desserts are all the rage which is why you see more donut holes, cookies, and cake pops. Another growing trend is to order one or more colorful macaroon towers. Macaroons can be made in a variety of flavors and decorated in whimsical ways.


Alternative To Traditional Wedding Cake - Croquembouche

Croquembouche is a traditional wedding cake in France and Italy that is growing in popularity here in the states. Both elegant and decadent these little cream puffs are adorned with crystallized fruit and decorative confections and shaped into a tower held together by caramel sauce. Artistic and delicious!

Decorative Cookies

Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Cake

If you are looking to forgo anything cake-like, consider cookies. Cookies are easy to travel with so ideal for weddings that are outdoors or off the beating path. The sky is the limit here:

  • Chocolate chip and other classic cookies
  • Your favorite gourmet or dipped cookie
  • Sugar cookies in wedding-themed designs
  • Whoopie cakes which are bite-sized like cookies
  • Assorted cookies of all kinds

Frozen Treats

Alternative To Traditional Wedding Cake - Frozen Treat

Decorative ice cream cakes and sorbet are also rising in popularity. No, they can’t be kept on display for long so consider the logistics, particularly your wedding photos. Ice cream cakes can be decorated in a way they look almost indistinguishable from a traditional wedding cake, but don’t forget to explore your options in sorbet-filled fruit shells, mini ice cream cakes, sundaes, and other frozen treats.

If you aren’t excited about your wedding cake options explore your stunning and tasty alternatives!