Summer Wedding Trends For 2019

Looking for some inspiration for your 2019 wedding? Here are a few summer wedding trends couples are considering to make their wedding feel more their own.

The Dress

Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - The Dress -

Simple Chic

Princess Meghan Markle of Sussex started a trend, opting for a simple yet chic dress. It has a bit of a vintage feel and one bride-to-be’s who aren’t fans of rhinestone, ruffles, beads, and lace are drawn to. While not adorned with the usual detailing, this elegant look is timeless.

Light But Not White

White might be synonymous with wedding gowns but not all brides want to dawn head-to-toe white. This is why there is a steady rise in shades of beige, silver, and even pale pinks. This makes it easy for brides to forgo white without being too out of the box. Even if the dress is white the detailing can be silver to add a bit more style and visual appeal. We are even seeing more dresses with pops of colors, such as appliquéd flowers.

The Flowers


Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - The Bouquet -

Oversized Bouquets

Small and tightly packed bouquets will always be classic, but bouquets present an excellent opportunity to add a bit of drama. An oversized bouquet is the perfect way to accent a simple silhouette but can also work on dresses with volume. Oversized bouquets often feel a bit more organic as they tend to have a wider variety of flowers and greens.

Colorful Bouquets

The trend of all-white or wedding colors only bouquet is on the decline. This is for a few different reasons:

  •          Wedding dresses are more colorful than they used to.
  •          Colorful bouquets add a pop of color with a white dress.
  •          Varied color palettes are more popular now than distinct wedding colors.
  •          It makes decorating the entire space more playful and fun.

The Cake

Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - Alternative To Traditional Wedding Cake -

Non-Traditional Wedding Cake

There’s nothing wrong with tradition but the traditional wedding cake just isn’t for everyone. From croquembouche to crepe cakes, frozen treats, macaroon towers, and more. Sometimes breaking tradition isn’t the goal though. With food allergies and dietary restrictions, individual desserts are often a better idea. Wedding cakes can also be tricky to transport to outdoor weddings making most alternatives easier from a logistics standpoint. Don’t worry, as you won’t have to sacrifice taste!

The Memories

Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - Editorial Wedding Photography and Videography -

An Editorial Approach

Even if your wedding is super casual many couples are opting for an editorial approach to their wedding photos and videography. This isn’t to say that there won’t be any candid shots, but that everything will be edited to perfection. This includes the behind the scenes, pre-wedding, wedding, and receptions shots—not just the staged shots of the bridal party and key family members. Don’t worry, this is something Nupetal Wedding Videography and Photography can achieve without it feeling like added pressure on your special day.

If you will be getting married in the Phoenix area and are looking for a modern wedding photographer and videographer to tell your story of love reach out today. We are a team of professional filmmakers and photographers who will capture your memories and ensure they are easy to share!