Wedding Dress Silhouettes – Casting a Shadow, One Dress at a Time!

We are human bots channeled to whine about acquiring perfection in each and every important part of our lives. Getting married has always been one of the top contenders of our countless priority lists. A bride-to-be has every reason to be frantic and excited about one of the most important days in her life. A bride-to-be wishes to have her big day planned out to utmost perfection. Along with the hassle that comes with shopping sprees, cake and wine tasting appointments and frequent salon visits, the entire process of getting to be a bride can never be compared to anything less of a real-time fairytale.

Preparing for a wedding can be a major hassle most of the time. With the furrowed wrinkles that come with your late reservations and stalled dressing hunts, premature aging and nervous breakdowns could be obvious outcomes. Instead of hunting designer boutiques for the ‘perfect dress’, it is time for our readers and future brides-to-be to get an ardent understanding of the ‘ideal dress’, that is close to comfort, looks appealing and is the most and the latest in fashion.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for the ‘Ideal Wedding Dress’

It is intensively important for brides-to-be to get a comprehensive outline of the several kinds and styles of wedding dresses so that the search for one becomes quite easy. The most important part of seeking a wedding dress is to understand the different type of silhouettes before driving the designer crazy. The silhouettes are far better and critically analyzed if you have an understanding of your body size and the type of dresses that help to accentuate the beauty of your curves and figure.
Before we head to an intensive breakdown of the silhouettes, we want you to grasp the importance of the following guideline and break down different parts before seeking and designing your dream wedding dress.

  • Length of the wedding dress – what do the latest trends say? What do Elle Saab and Monique Lhuillier recommend for this year? Should your wedding dress be long, short or a combination of the both?
  • Style of the skirt – Do you wish to have a trailing tram, a full-blown ball gown, or lots of flare in addition to an A-line skirt? Do you wish to adhere to the skirts that stick to your hips such as the mermaid or the trumpet, or one that sticks to your entire body like the sheath?
  • Necklines – Choose from a wide variety of plunging necklines, boat necks, round necks and other kind of necklines befitting your dress style.
  • Waistline – The waistline can be raised, lowered or left completely natural. Lowered waistlines go beautifully with ball gowns, though. Most sheathed wedding dresses ignore waistlines and run from the top to the bottom in their natural glory and boxy shape.
  • Sleeves – Believe it or not, this part adds to the glamour of the entirety of the wedding dress. Ranging from strapless gowns to full-sleeved sheathed wedding dresses or from cap sleeves to Juliette sleeves, you should know how to be able to plan the style of your dress.

The Basic Wedding Dress Style Guide to Find your Perfect Silhouette

This category deals with the style of the skirt with correspondence to its varied length. Since most skirts usually span for greater lengths, most of the trends nowadays comprise of fusing miniskirts with an additional piece of net that flares around the waistline appropriately. Many women have also started to cater to white satin or Charmeuse silk jumpsuits as their preference for a wedding dress, keeping the location and seasonal changes of your wedding date guarantee a plus point as well. Mentioned below are some of the main silhouettes that we have come across.

The Ball Gown

As your formidable godmother, it is our duty to introduce you one of the most elegant wedding dress styles that promise to remind you of generic fairy tales. The ball gown is by far the most versatile and easy-going wedding dress style to date. Apart from being heavily categorized as a wedding dress, the ball gown complies with formal events by withholding grandeur and elegance.

As for the upholstery, the ball gown caters to accentuate the curves of the waist by making the waistline more pronounced and prominent. The bodice might complement the appearance of an hourglass for plus body sizes because of its fitting. A dropped or lowered waistline settles beautifully with ball gowns, and draws attention to the upper part of the body due to its hugging ability. With the exception of the mermaid and sheath wedding styles, the ball gown caters to all body styles by highlighting your upholstery and bust in all of their glory.

In contrast to its limelight and the over-blown flare, the ball gown appreciates taller heights than shorter ones since the latter needs space and adept room to spread out. With shorter heights or full breasts, the ball gown may not seem like a dream come true as it can pose false impressions, uneasiness and inauthentic pictures.

The A-Line Wedding Silhouette

The A-line has been ruling hearts since the advent of the wedding gown. Starting with a fitted bodice that serves to flatter your curves, it gradually tapers down to a tightly cinched waist highlighting the fruit of the strict diet regimen followed by every bride-to-be. As it flows down your body in smooth waves, the A-line starts flaring up till it reaches the tips of your pedicured toes. At a glance, the gown appears to be shaped like the uppercase A. The A-line can be further divided into two types. The A-line religiously follows the alphabet shape, which means the lower part of the skirt is flared up to the maximum while the bodice is designed to fit you like a glove.

Tip: This style is best suited for tall girls. So if you happen to be a leggy blonde or a tall model-thin brunette this type is the one for you.

The Modified A-Line Wedding Dress

The modified A-line strays slightly away from the strictly alphabet shape and instead it allows more room to breathe. This basically means that the shift from narrow-to-the-roomier fabric below is less severe and more natural.

Tip: This style best compliments girls who are of short to medium height. And if the cake tastings and menu selection have led to a few added pounds to your physique then this silhouette will do wonders for your figure.

Mermaid Style Wedding Gowns

Mermaid style is the dress silhouette to go with when you are planning the perfect wedding- and by that, we mean a ceremony that is grander than grand. Beginning with a bodice meant to accentuate your upper body in the most appreciative way possible, this silhouette narrows down to just above the hips. From here downwards the gown élans very slowly edges out till it reaches your knees where it begins to flare out in gentle folds of silk and swishes of fabric.

This style of dress aims to contour your body from shoulder to knee and puts the drama in dramatic. However, with several pros, the mermaid, may at times restrict the swiftness in your flow and may apprehend your body maneuvers from time to time

Tip: Even though mermaid style looks absolutely fabulous on all body shapes, it looks particularly spectacular on women who are not afraid to show off their figures when walking down the aisle.

The Classic Sheath Bridal Dress

Plenty of women have put on a sheath dress for an office cocktail party or a charity gala and have received quite a bit of praise. So why not go with a successfully tried and tested silhouette? There is no form of dress that looks classier than the sheath. Imagine walking down the aisle in a dress that emphasizes your gorgeous body to the utmost.

Tip: If you are body shy or are reluctant to display too much skin, the classic sheath is the perfect option for your big day.

The Mini Dress

It is nothing new that no dress turns heads as much as a mini dress. Bold and exquisitely daring, the mini dress boosts up your confidence and makes you look supremely edgy. If you are leaning towards a look that is different from all others, then the mini dress is the ultimate style for you. Play with whatever length that works best exclusively for you.

Tip: If you are planning a beach wedding and want to display your perfectly toned legs, opt for a dress that reaches just below your hips.If you are going with a summer wedding, then a mini dress that flows down to your knees will bring the lovely breezy look down to sublimity.

Trumpet Skirt

This type of dress is one that hugs your body from chest to mid-thigh beyond which it majestically broadens into the shape of the bell of the trumpet. It wouldn’t be off-mark to call it a cross between the modified A-line and the mermaid style gown. Gloriously lovely yet somewhat understated, the flare of the trumpet skirt is much more subtle than the mermaid style dress.

Tip: If you have a pear-shaped figure then this silhouette will not be very flattering as it brings out the hips and thighs. However, if you are slender and petite then this one is just the dress for you.

The Tea-Length Skirt

If you want to display some alluringly tanned skin but not too much or a style that has a substantial body but is not over the top or in simpler words, if you find yourself at a crossroad between too much and too little, the tea length is the correct way forward for you.
Tea length is the ultimate hybrid of there but not there. It can slide down from your shoulders to anywhere between below your knees and above your ankles. This variable length allows maximum opportunity to go with a silhouette that looks most elegant on you. The flare of the skirt is also adjustable. A tea length gown can have some subtle ruffles to give you just a bit of a swish, or the chance to incorporate layers and layers of fabric.

Tip: The tea length is the silhouette that is ideal for ALL body types. The flexibility offered by this dress style is paralleled by no other.